Trigger a 'Popup Maker' popup from within a pricing plan

These short steps will show you how to implement a popup from Popup Maker (or any other plugin that works this way) and have it triggered directly from your pricing plans.

The article is long but fear not, for it's fast and easy to achieve.


  • Install the Responsive Pricing Table plugin.
  • Install the Popup Maker plugin.

Create a popup

  • From the Popup Maker menu, click Add new.
  • Add your content to the popup and adjust the settings to your liking.
  • Make sure the popup will be available for your pricing page (the page your pricing table is on).

For this small tutorial we'll set it to "On Entire Site", but the best is to target the exact page your pricing table is on, so you keep the popup from loading where it is not needed.

Define a trigger element

Once this is done, you need to define a trigger element, an element that will trigger the popup and show it to your users. There are many ways you can do this, here are the two most common ones:

Trigger the popup with the pricing plan's button

In order to be able to do this, your Responsive Pricing Table plugin's version needs to be at least 4.3. In doubt you can update from WordPress or get the latest PRO version.

  • Give your pricing plan a class (the plan with the button that should trigger your popup). Use the custom classes field at the bottom of your plan edit box:

Do not use spaces or symbols, it could make this fail. Stick to lowercase letters.

  • Go to your popup edit screen and at the bottom right, find the box that says Click Open Settings.
  • Paste the following in the Extra CSS Selectors field, make sure to replace superplan with your own class name (the one you added in the previous step):

.superplan > .rpt_foot

For example if your class name is myplan, you should have:

.myplan > .rpt_foot

  • Don't forget to update your popup post.

  • You're done.

Trigger the popup with a pricing plan's feature 

  • Get the popup's class name from the All Popups menu. You can see it in your popup list, here it's either popmake-6 or popmake-my-popup. Both will work.

  • In your pricing table edit screen, go to any plan and in the feature list, add a link with the popup's class attached, just like this:

<a href="#" class="popmake-6">My trigger feature</a>

Replace popmake-6 with your own popup class and My trigger feature by your own feature text.

  • Don't forget to update your popup post.

  • You're done.

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