Change pricing table's styling with CSS (eg. text color)

Changing your pricing table's styling with CSS

You can style the plugin differently using CSS, by either modifying the plugin's stylesheet or adding your styles to a custom CSS area.

If you want to edit the plugin's original styles directly (not recommended), make sure you tell the plugin to use the unminified version of the CSS file in order to be able to modify it.

The line you are looking for is in the rpt.php file (free) / rpt_pro.php (PRO):

wp_enqueue_style( 'rpt', plugins_url('css/rpt_style.min.css', __FILE__));

Simply remove the ".min" and edit your styles directly in the plugin's CSS file (rpt_styles.css).

Editing the plugin styles directly in the CSS file is not recommended and will result in losing your custom styles when you update the plugin in the future.

It is better to use a custom CSS area (provided by your theme or a plugin such as Jetpack or this one — not tested)

Useful CSS classes

  • .rpt_title — Plan's title
  • .rpt_head — Plan's header (for changing background)
  • .rpt_recurrence — Plan's recurrence (eg. per month)
  • .rpt_price — Plan's price
  • .rpt_currency — Plan's currency sign
  • .rpt_subtitle — Plan's subtitle
  • .rpt_description — Plan's description, below the subtitle
  • .rpt_feature — Plan's feature block (for changing background)
  • .rpt_feature — Plan's features
  • .rpt_foot — Plan's button

Use your browser's inspector tool to find more accurate classes .

Unfamiliar with CSS?

Please submit a request, let us know what you need, we can provide you with a CSS snippet to paste in your theme.

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