Pricing plans aren't the same height

Why aren't my pricing plans the same height?

Pricing plans usually are not the same height because of the different features they contain. You may like it (smaller plans are shorter, which makes sense) or you may not.

How do I make my plans the same height?

There are two ways you can achieve this.

Non-available features

The first way (recommended) is by using the "non-available" method for adding features to your plan, like this:

-nMy unavailable feature goes here.

Prefixing your features with "-n" will show them in a light grey color so that your users know it is unavailable for this plan. You can then have the same amount of features in each plan so they are the same height.


Another way to even out your plans is to use line breaks. A line break is going to add an empty feature to your plan, adding to its height. You can add a line break in your feature field like this:


Nothing should go after this "br" tag on the same line if you want this feature to be empty. If you need to add more features after this line break, just hit return and add more.

You can add as many line breaks as you wish.

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