Get started with the Top Bar plugin

Install the plugin

Please refer to this article for information about WordPress PRO plugin installation.

Configure your Top Bar

  • Go to the Top Bar tab in your WordPress admin panel.
  • Configure your notification bar (it’s all explained there).


  • Message – a message for your top bar, be creative!
  • Button text – if you enabled the button option, here’s what your button says.
  • Button link – a link that’s called when someone clicks your button.


  • Status – activate/deactivate your notification bar in one click.
  • Visibility – make your top bar sticky (or not). Sticky means always visible, even when the user scrolls down the page.
  • Button status – not everybody needs a button, you can activate/deactivate it anytime.
  • Color – choose a background color for your top bar.

PRO settings

  • Bottom border – does what it says, looks awesome.
  • Time before showing – enter a time before the bar appears.
  • Font-size – change the font-size of the text.
  • Allow closing – let your users close the bar.
  • Initial state – closed/open.
  • Who can see? – choose between “All”, “Guests”, “Registered users”.
  • Color – a wider range of color.

Useful links

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