Get started with the Responsive Pricing Table plugin

This page is deprecated. Docs for version 5+ of the plugin can be found here:

Install the plugin

Please refer to this article for information about WordPress PRO plugin installation.

Create a new pricing table

  • Go to the Pricing Tables tab in your WordPress admin panel and click Add New.
  • When editing your first plan, simply scroll down the page and click the Add Plan button.
  • After you’re done editing your plans, adjust the settings to your liking (click the Pricing Table Settings box at the top-right corner of the Edit page).
  • Save your pricing table and copy-paste the shortcode into any post/page.

Find the shortcode

  • Click on the Pricing Tables tab in your WordPress admin menu.
  • Your shortcode should be in the list on the right.


  • Title – title for the plan, will show on the top left corner of each plan.
  • Subtitle – colored text, will show below the price.
  • Description – short grey text, will show below the subtitle.
  • Price – price for the plan (you can also put “Free”), do not put the currency here.
  • Recurrence – short grey text, will show above the price, put something like “per month” or “one-time fee”.
  • Small icon – you can upload an icon for the plan (recommended size is 30 x 30).
  • Features – add your features here (one per line), you can add “-n” before the feature if you want it to show in a lighter grey (meaning “not available”).
  • Button text – some text for the button, could be “Sign up” or “Free account” or anything.
  • Button link – a URL to some page for when someone clicks the button.
  • Color – the color used to style the plan (per plan).

PRO fields

  • Tooltips – Add tooltips to your features by using the brackets (“{}”, see in your plan’s editor).


  • Recommended plan – check this to make the current plan stand out (highlight any plan).
  • Remove currency sign – check this if the current plan is free for example, it will remove the currency symbol.
  • Change currency – default is $, could be ¥, €, £ or even ¢ (per day for example).
  • Links behavior – current/new window when clicked.
  • Force original fonts – by default it’ll use your theme fonts
  • Font sizes – play around with the font sizes in case some words don’t fit.

PRO settings

  • Skins (Appearance) – Choose from our 5 clean skins.

Useful links

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